Process Services

SoniMech’s Process Services provides a range of specialist services supporting pre-commissioning, commissioning and shut-down services on and offshore.

Our personnel are multi-skilled, flexible, safety conscious and customer goal-driven, ensuring that safe delivery of our clients' objectives and schedule are the foremost consideration of every workscope.

We have a fleet of modern equipment supported by state of the art project management and IT systems (system integristy management) to ensure our customers receive a reliable and efficient service that is also able to react to the changeable environment in which we work.

Process Services include:

  • Nitrogen purging/testing
  • Nitrogen/helium leak testing
  • Controlled bolting
  • Total flange management
  • Onsite machining
  • Hydrotesting
  • Flushing/retro jetting
  • Camera inspectioSIJM

Key Software Technology

Our parent company, EnerMech, has developed a bespoke fully integrated, web based management system (SIM) designed to provide a fully traceable flange management system and a work pack creation tool for all our service lines.


  • A single system which enables the efficient management and control of all documentation, which in turn offers significant financial savings and an increased level of visibility
  • Flange management and work pack modules can be worked on simultaneously, allowing greater integration and shared resource
  • Multiple engineers working from numerous locations can work simultaneously from a single project database which increases project efficiency and maximises productivity
  • Historical information of all activities carried out on flanged joints providing full traceability
  • Visual indication on the status of all flanged joints
  • Simplified work pack creation and modification
  • Progress reporting
  • Modifiable to client requirements


  • Controlled bolting & flange management
  • Onsite Machining
  • Hydrotesting
  • Cleanliness management
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Nitrogen helium leak testing
  • Oil flushing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Valves supply & servicing